Plot Fees 


 Thank you for being a part of Community Gardens of Tucson! We have a new membership portal! 

If you are an existing member, you may log in with your email address to make your payment. If you need assistance with logging in or making your payment call 520-795-8823.
If you are interested in joining a garden, here is how: 
1) Find a garden near you by viewing our Garden Locations.
2) Set up a garden tour by contacting the CGT Administrative Office: (520) 795-8823 or
3) Complete an application and make your payment. 

Application and Payment of Fees 

  • The standard plot fee is $22/month. CGT’s plot fee rates will be reassessed every 12 months to ensure that they cover the cost of water and CGT operations. We try our best to keep the cost of plot fees as low as possible in order to promote full access to CGT’s gardens.
  • Prorated payments are available for gardeners who enroll between the six-month enrollment periods.
  • Renewal payments are made bi-annually in conjunction with CGT’s planting seasons of October 1 and April 1. 
  • Plot fee assistance and scholarships are available. For more information and to fill out an application, click HERE.
  • Plot fee payments are non-refundable and not tax deductible.
  • Please inquire with for more information or if you are having trouble paying your plot fee. If you do not have access to email, please contact 520-795-8823 or your local library for assistance

Provided at CGT Gardens 

  • Plot rentals: generally 3’x20’ garden plots with a drip line irrigation system in a community garden.
  • Orientation to the garden and assistance from the CGT Site Coordinator or CGT contractor.
  • Access to the garden and all communal areas.
  • Compost, mulch, and seeds (when available).
  • A secure storage shed with CGT-owned community tools, wheelbarrows, and other materials.
  • Access to composting area and hand watering hose for your use in the garden.
  • Gardening advice and educational support (e.g., garden meetings, training/information sessions, resources posted on CGT’s website and social media, and CGT’s newsletter).

General Plot Information: 

  • Plots are assigned by the Site Coordinators on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that all garden plots are occupied, you will be placed on a waiting list maintained by the CGT and the Site Coordinator.
  • Garden assignments are the responsibility of the Site Coordinator or Garden Operations Manager, based on CGT’s policy of equity, fairness, and inclusiveness.
  • Gardeners may not sublease their garden plot without prior approval by CGT.
  • Gardeners may not release or assign a plot to another person without prior approval of the Site Coordinator or Garden Operations Manager.
  • Groups and organizations may lease group plots, but MUST assign an individual as the primary plot owner to act as the primary contact, facilitate payments, and require all participating gardeners to sign the Guidelines and Policies Agreement Form.
  • Renewal is automatic, provided gardeners pay their dues on time. Plots will remain available as long as gardeners are in good standing, or until they notify CGT by email or in writing that they elect to terminate their enrollment.
  • A gardener may lease a maximum of two plots in a single community garden and a maximum of six plots in all of CGT’s community gardens.
Paying by check

If you don’t feel comfortable paying online, we ask that you select your garden from the list below, click on  “Enter Your Details” and select “Check Payment” as your payment option. Then just fill out the required information, submit it, and mail your check, with the garden name and plot number info in the memo line, to:

Community Gardens of Tucson
5049 E Broadway, Suite 300
Tucson, AZ 85711

Submitting your information to us online will help CGT focus more on what we love doing the most: gardening!