Kids in Gardens


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Our Kids in Gardens education program is about learning and growing together…


Each year we bring more than 300 elementary and high school students and their teachers out of their classrooms and into our gardens. We also offer hands-on classes for families so they can learn and experience gardening together.

The students learn how to grow their own food and explore the wonders of the many creatures that live in the garden. They share learning experiences that include hands-on science, art, herbalism, social-emotional learning and more. And they find a safe space where they can feel happy and connected.

” Something that suprised me in the garden is the mint. I thought mint was made in a factory.” – Antonia, 5th grade

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Working With Kids in the Garden Helps Them…


  • Learn where food comes from and access healthy food options. Yes, they can eat what they grow!
  • Experience how to plant, grow and care for the garden and learn about what it means to garden in the Sonoran Desert.
  • Discover getting dirty and connecting with nature and our food can be good for you!
  • Understand that THEY can help take care of the Earth, no matter how old they are or how much money they have. This empowerment will stay with them the rest of their lives.

“The garden is a great thing because plants help us breath” Luis, age 8 (2nd grade), Homer Davis school.

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It Takes a Team…


Education is one of Community Gardens of Tucson’s core values. And the schools we work with have garden spaces but only limited resources. A perfect partnership opportunity!

We are grateful to be able to provide gardening classes using a science-based, hands-on garden curriculum taught by CGT’s educator and volunteer Arizona Master Naturalists.

“The engagement that we saw from our students in garden activities improved as a direct result of the efforts of CGT and the volunteers who joined us thoughout the school year” – Teacher, Mary Meredith school

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 Your Support Keeps Us Growing…


The Kids in Gardens program is funded by  by the grants our garden educator writes and by your tax-deductible donations.  Your gift means Tucson’s  students can continue to find joy in the garden, be strengthened knowing they can grow food for themselves and others, and feel empowered as future protectors of our planet.

“The garden makes me feel happy and the flowers make me feel happy” – Makayla, 5th grade