Start a New Garden 

Community Gardens of Tucson works in partnership with neighborhoods, churches, government agencies and private entities to develop new community gardens. CGT can provide technical assistance and guidance for the construction of new gardens.  CGT will manage new gardens if they meet specific criteria:

  • Land must be available for the garden, free of charge and for a period no less than 5 years.

  • The property must be relatively flat with few trees and enough space to site a minimum of 16 (3’ x 20’) garden beds.

  • There must be strong community support for the new garden evidenced by a list of people committed to gardening in the new garden.

  • The neighborhood or community must raise a significant portion of the cost of the new garden and must provide willing and able volunteers to build the garden.

  • The garden must be open to the public and not limited to a specific group or population.

If your group or organization can meet these criteria, please contact us to discuss building a new community garden in your neighborhood.

Start a new garden CGT

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