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Thank you to Kroger Foundation's "Zero Hunger ~ Zero Waste" initiative

Thanks to a $15,000 grant from The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger |Zero Waste Foundation  we will be able to reach two important goals:

1) Provide 30 families, totaling approximately 100 individuals (parents, children, siblings and other relatives) with the instruction, wisdom, support, hands-on expertise, and resources to become lifelong gardeners and stewards of our Sonoran desert environment.  We will achieve this outcome by teaching families the basics of desert gardening: all that is required to successfully plant, nurture, and harvest their produce and to then prepare and cook the food they have grown. Our ultimate goal for this project is to instill the confidence and the knowledge for families to be able to leave the camp and successfully garden on their own.
2) Through our Adopt a Garden Sponsorship, we will dramatically improve and rejuvenate eight of CGT’s community gardens so that their productivity and social benefits are maximized for our gardeners.  In addition to addressing critical infrastructure needs – such as irrigation drip lines and shade cloth to protect plants from the summer heat – we also expect to better serve those who have limited mobility by increasing the number of “raised beds,” as well as procuring gardening equipment designed for elderly and folks with physical challenges.  By improving our gardens and promoting the good will of Kroger through signage and other public communications tools, we will attract more gardeners to our organization which will, in turn, provide critical new financial resources so that our gardens, and ultimately our communities, thrive!


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We are very grateful to our supporting organizations! Please see our full aknowledgements here!

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CGT recognizes the historical injustices perpetrated upon the Indigenous people of the Tucson Basin. We honor and celebrate the cultures and contributions of those whose land we now garden on.

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