Our Community


Community Gardens of Tucson

To foster community spaces where all people are welcome to grow, share, and learn together

There are 17 active community and school-based gardens in the CGT network…

We welcome all who want to grow organic food (and herbs and flowers) through sustainable gardening practices. Community gardeners care for and harvest from their garden plots. Plot sizes are generally 3 feet wide and 20 feet long with some of our garden plots being accessible, raised-bed plots.

Shared spaces, such as pathways, sheds, and gathering spaces, are cared for by all community members. Many gardens also have spaces dedicated to growing extra produce for community redistribution in partnership with local food banks, community organizations, and mutual aid groups.

Before joining a CGT garden, learn more about the commitments we ask of gardeners outlined in the Garden Guidelines and Policies.


Garden Locations


Use the map to explore CGT gardens near you!


Click on the garden icon to find more info on the garden, including a brief description, address and cross streets.


Email us at: admin@communitygardensoftucson.org to in inquire about plot availability and to schedule a tour!


For gardens with plot availability, plots are accessed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the garden is full for the season, you may ask to be added to a waitlist.

 How to Reserve a Plot 

Once you have identified an available plot with the Garden Site Coordinator, you will need to complete an application and make your payment.

The standard plot fee is $132 every six months ($22/month). Renewal payments are made bi-annually in conjunction with CGT’s planting seasons of October 1 and April 1. Plot Fees provide CGT with the financial resources necessary to make our gardens thrive and ensure the success of our gardening community. Although not a complete list, some of the important items plot fees support are ongoing garden maintenance, water, tools, equipment, administrative oversight, contractor salaries, office supplies, and technology. Because plot fees pay for less than half of our annual operating budget, we encourage and invite you to extend your financial support by providing a charitable tax-deductible contribution through our website as well as by participating in our fundraising campaigns and special events during the year.

If you cannot afford to pay for the full plot fee, please fill out our Plot Fee Assistance Application (instead of the regular New Gardener Application linked above). 

How CGT Supports Our Community Gardens

Plot rentals: generally, 3’ x 20’ garden plots with a drip irrigation system.

Orientation to the garden and assistance from the Site Coordinator and CGT Contractors.

Access to the community garden (all gardens are fenced and secured with locks) and all common areas.

Compost, mulch, and seeds (when available).

A secure storage shed with community tools, including shovels, rakes, hoes, wheelbarrows, and other gardening equipment.

Access to a composting area and hand watering hose for use in the garden.

Gardening advice and educational support (e.g., garden meetings, training and information sessions, resources posted on CGT’s website and social media, and CGT’s newsletter The Seedling).