A huge “Thank You!” to Pima County Fleet Services for donating a 2009 Ford Ranger pickup truck to Community Gardens of Tucson.

Special thanks to Fleet Services staff Ray Ochotorena, Bob Charlton, and Cecilia Murch for their help throughout the transfer process.

Now, instead of our staff having to use their own vehicles to haul compost, mulch, garden waste, tools, and other items to our community gardens, they can do it safely and efficiently in our very own truck!

Thank you all for seeing the value in CGT’s mission, programs, and commitment to making Tucson a better place to live!

Community Gardens of Tucson

5049 E Broadway, Suite 300
Tucson, AZ 85711

CGT recognizes the historical injustices perpetrated upon the Indigenous people of the Tucson Basin. We honor and celebrate the cultures and contributions of those whose land we now garden on.

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