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Make a Donation

Community Gardens of Tucson gives families the opportunity to grow and eat the best tasting and healthiest food without worrying how far their grocery money will stretch. That’s why your financial support during these challenging times is crucial.

Here’s how you can help:

  • We are providing more free and reduced rate plots to help gardeners who are having a hard time just paying for basics. We’re also giving some gardeners free plots so they can grow produce to donate to others in need. 
  • We continue our Kids in Gardens education program, creating classes and kits so garden education can continue online or in a social distance setting if possible. We are working on creative solutions to make our outdoor garden spaces accommodating and safe for our garden educators, students, teachers, and volunteers. Teaching and inspiring kids is even more important than ever! 

Thank you!

Adopt A Garden!

Adopt A Garden!

CGT Ventana

Your business or organization can join us in creating a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Tucson! Partner with us to sponsor one of our 20 community gardens located throughout the Tucson metro area and

  • gain visibility for your business or organization with our network;

  • provide wellness and team building opportunities for your staff through garden events and volunteer days;

  • and support Tucsonans growing food, learning together and nurturing well-being in our communities.

CGT gardens are beautiful, welcoming, outdoor spaces where groups can enjoy socially distanced meetings or activities with families. We have several community gardens in Tucson neighborhoods that are welcoming new gardeners and available to sponsor. We would love to partner with you!

Read about our garden adopters here!

For more information contact

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Volunteer Now



Volunteer Now

Are you interested in gardening, sustainable food systems or community development?  There are all sorts of ways to volunteer your time at the Community Gardens of Tucson.

Most of the volunteer tasks at our garden sites involve maintenance activities like pulling weeds and moving dirt during our Garden Work Parties. At our Open House Garden Parties we need volunteers to help set up the events and welcome guests. If you are more interested in inside-jobs, we have professional, garden record-keeping, and publicity efforts you could help with. You can decide how involved you want to be.

A range of volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Maintenance and general clean up at Garden Work Days

  • Installation of new equipment or construction of a new garden

  • Attendance at events representing CGT such as Earth Day or other sustainability events

  • Assistance with community outreach including our newsletter or fundraising events

  • Serve on Community Gardens of Tucson Board or Committees

  • Assistance with publicity or garden record-keeping

Here’s our Volunteer Application!

Supporting Organizations

Thank you to these wonderful organizations who support Community Gardens of Tucson. We appreciate your support of funding, training, supplies and more!

Thanks to a $15,000 grant from The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger |Zero Waste Foundation  we will be able to reach two important goals:

1) Provide 30 families, totaling approximately 100 individuals (parents, children, siblings and other relatives) with the instruction, wisdom, support, hands-on expertise, and resources to become lifelong gardeners and stewards of our Sonoran desert environment.  We will achieve this outcome by teaching families the basics of desert gardening: all that is required to successfully plant, nurture, and harvest their produce and to then prepare and cook the food they have grown. Our ultimate goal for this project is to instill the confidence and the knowledge for families to be able to leave the camp and successfully garden on their own.
2) Through our Adopt a Garden Sponsorship, we will dramatically improve and rejuvenate eight of CGT’s community gardens so that their productivity and social benefits are maximized for our gardeners.  In addition to addressing critical infrastructure needs – such as irrigation drip lines and shade cloth to protect plants from the summer heat – we also expect to better serve those who have limited mobility by increasing the number of “raised beds,” as well as procuring gardening equipment designed for elderly and folks with physical challenges.  By improving our gardens and promoting the good will of Kroger through signage and other public communications tools, we will attract more gardeners to our organization which will, in turn, provide critical new financial resources so that our gardens, and ultimately our communities, thrive!

A happy thanks to for granting $500 to help support our Kids in Gardens elementary school education program. “creates opportunities for kids to learn and grow through gardening, engaging their natural curiosity and wonder.” A perfect match for us!

Our deepest thanks to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona for its recent capacity building grant given to CGT to support A Green Renaissance – Building A Healthy and Hunger-Free Tucson In Partnership With Tucson’s Community Gardening Sector.

Using the Food Bank’s amazing financial investment, during the coming year CGT will work to meet the three project goals of (1) restoring and rejuvenating our gardens to maximize their productivity and community access; (2)broadening and deepening our connections with the community by building on and expanding institutions and pathways; and (3)investing in strategic alliances to achieve greater outcomes though collaborations with like-minded organizations.  The philanthropic spirit of the Food Bank of Southern Arizona provides critical support, not only for organizations such as CGT, but for the greater Tucson nonprofit sector.  Thank you!

Thank you again Community Foundation for Southern Arizona!

Our deepest appreciation to the Hanna Miller and Luke Jakobsen Fund, held at the the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, for awarding CGT a $5,000 grant by to be used for general support. This will provide us with critical resources necessary to continue our work and expand our impact across the City of Tucson, especially needed in these challenging times.


Thanks to a wonderful Sprouts Employee Wellness Donor!  As part of the Sprouts employee wellness program, one team member is selected each month to award a $2,500 donation to a nonprofit of their choice. The (anonymous) November winner selected Community Gardens of Tucson!”

We are excited and grateful the Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation for selecting Community Gardens of Tucson for a Thriving Nonprofit Technology Grant of $4915! We are excited to expand our use of technology in our gardens and for our gardeners!

Our deepest thanks and appreciation for the $2,500 grant recently awarded to us by the Troller Fund, held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. The incredible generosity and philanthropic spirit of the donors directing these funds to CGT will provide the organization with critical resources to continue our work in underserved communities and those at greatest risk from COVID-19 so that they might bring fresh, healthy and nutritious food from garden to table!

The Board of Directors of Community Gardens of Tucson (CGT) expresses its deepest thanks and appreciation for the $5,000 grant recently awarded CGT by The Martin and Hildegard Gluck Foundation.  The Foundation’s incredible generosity will provide us with critical resources to continue our work in underserved communities and support those at greatest risk from COVID-19 so that they might bring fresh, healthy and nutritious food from garden to table.  We extend heartfelt thanks to the Foundation for its philanthropic spirit and investment in our programs, and for inspiring us to help make Tucson a more sustainable and food-resilient City!

We are honored for the continued recognition of our work by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona for the $5,000 We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund grant we received to support critical staffing needs and additional scholarships for our low income and pandemic – impacted gardeners. CFSA’s purpose is “To create an equitable and vibrant community for all Southern Arizonans.” Their support strengthens our own ability to play an important role in fulfilling that purpose. Thank you!

Thank you to the Arizona Master Naturalists for their volunteers hours making tippy taps for our community gardens so we can wash our hands safely! And more gratitude for helping us educate young students in our Kids in Gardens program!

With gratitude for a $1,500 grant from the Spicer Foundation. The grant will help provide scholarships to low income individuals so that they can learn gardening techniques to grow their own food and meet the challenges of shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds will also be used to conduct interviews with the gardeners to record and analyze their experiences.

A gift of hands-free water! Thanks to Watershed Management Group for their gift of four “tippy taps” to place in our gardens so our gardeners (and passersby) can wash their hands without touching anything, and save water from pouring out of our taps. Watch how it works here!

And thanks to the Alliance of Nonprofits for their gift of funds from their Arizona Gives Nonprofit Emergency Relief Fund which was created to help nonprofits of all sizes across the state!

The Community Gardens of Tucson wants to gratefully acknowledge and thank the Desert Garden Club of Tucson for its generous matching gift of $2,000 in support of our Kids in Garden Program.  This support will provide CGT the critical financial resources necessary to expand the reach and impact of the program by sowing seeds in the hearts of younger gardeners to foster their love for the environment and the communities in which they live!  Thank you Desert Garden Club of Tucson!

Wonderful news and much gratitude! Community Gardens of Tucson has received a generous grant from the Hanna Miller and Luke Jacobson Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. This grant will help us expand our impact and fulfill our commitment to create and support accessible community gardens for Tucsonans of all ages, abilities, ethnic backgrounds, and economic standing. We’ll also be able to introduce the joy of gardening to more elementary school children by expanding our Kids in Gardens education project. Thank you!

And a special thank you to Jason Tankersley, CEO of the Fairfax Companies/Tanks Green Stuff for providing us compost and financial support for so many years.

Community Gardens of Tucson

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CGT recognizes the historical injustices perpetrated upon the Indigenous people of the Tucson Basin. We honor and celebrate the cultures and contributions of those whose land we now garden on.

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