Gardening Together Safely: COVID-19 Guidelines Update


August 2022

To our Community Gardens of Tucson (CGT) Gardeners,

We, the CGT Board of Directors, are deeply grateful to our CGT community for their flexibility and adherence to COVID-19 mitigation guidelines over these past years.  We remain committed to the health and well-being of our Site Coordinators, gardeners, contractors, other volunteers, and organizations who we interact with and provide these updated recommendations in response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Please do not come to the garden if you feel ill and/or for at least 5 days after you have tested positive for COVID-19.
    • If you are ill or would like to remain home during this time and need help caring for your garden, please contact your Site Coordinator to arrange help. 
  • If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please get tested and assure that your test is negative prior to coming to the garden.
  • Wearing face masks and maintaining distance between individuals are no longer required in our gardens.  Recognizing that there are individuals in our community with increased risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19, we encourage our gardeners to assess their personal needs for maintaining adequate space from others and the use of a face mask.  
  • Please be respectful of the needs of others who may need or wish to continue to practice wearing masks and distancing from others.
  • Small gatherings or garden meetings can be held in accordance with CGT Policies.
  • Planned volunteer days may be held in accordance with CGT Policies.

We know that during these years of pandemic, the garden has provided for many an opportunity for safe contact with others, stress relief, growing (and harvesting) food and being outdoors and with these simple guidelines will continue to be so into the future! Thank you for continuing to garden with CGT!  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us via

CGT Board of Directors


CDC How to Protect Yourself and Others 

Pima County Combined COVID-19 Information and Resources