CGT and Sustainable Tucson Habitat Restoration Partner to Protect Pollinators!


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In honor of the bees, and all of life,

together we created more good, beauty, and truth…


 Sustainable Tucson Habitat Restoration (STHR) and Community Gardens of Tucson have partnered to create two new native plant pollinator gardens! This partnership with CGT was possible due to a grant to STHR from the Leveler Foundation.  A Tucson Audubon Lucy’s Warbler Nestbox will soon be added in the Presidio garden. Lucy’s Warblers love Mesquite trees and used to be called Mesquite Warblers.

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Sustainable Tucson Habitat Restoration and CGT’s Mary Meredith School and Presidio Garden are grateful for the wonderful turnout, passion, planning and planting efforts of the CGT gardeners and Restoration volunteers!

Our Habitat Restoration pollinator gardens incorporate regenerative care to create a soil sponge for a healthy microbiome and garden. These efforts create habitats and food for caterpillars, moths, butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, bats and other pollinating insects. Planting a pollinator garden next to a food garden creates a powerful, symbiotic, natural system for life. All plants in our gardens are maintained organically.

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Let Nature Do the Work!

Chemicals such as glyphosates and neonicotinoids kill the soil microbiome and moisture retention. The soil sponge is nature’s way of maintaining health, through the diversity of plants, trees, grasses, flowers and cacti. Allowing plant materials to cover the soil (leave the leaves, twigs, stumps, etc.), creates a free, on site foliage mulch to feed the microbiome, protecting it from heat while maintaining moisture, and providing habitats for insects and wildlife. Less water and little to no pruning are needed as the pollinators and birds feed, breed, live and pollinate. Insects are the foundation of life, and help maintain healthy natural cycles and systems. It is a simple, no to low cost system where nature does the work!

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Community Gardens of Tucson has 17 organic gardens throughout the city. If you’d like to learn more or are interested in joining one of our gardens, please email

If your school, neighborhood, park, or food garden is interested in native pollinator gardens and would like to know more, contact Sustainable Tucson Habitat Restoration at